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Oct 7, 2012 5:30pm PDT
honor will go to ryan. what does that mean for the two time winner? he says he will be available out of the bull pen tonight as he was last night. given up 12 runs in his last two starts. >> it's not easy to tell a pitcher to accomplish what he has and we know what he's done for us. you have to look what's happening today in this year. and like i said, he understands that. so these things are never easy. i go back to 2010 when he wasn't even on the review of systemser. one of the toughest calls. you have to do what you think is right and we think this is the right thing to do. it's fair to say timmy hasn't been as sharp this year. >> reporter: he is no stranger to pitching out of the bull pen if you remember back in 2010 he faced three batteries in game 6. he could announce his game for a starter as early as tonight. kim coyle, cbs 5 sports. >> game 2 is 35 minutes away. >>> nfl giving up yards last week, 49ers coaches called the buffalo bills defensive line the most talented they would face so far. maybe the coaches just needed to see. pull into a tie. for first in the nfc west. second
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1